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Anish Doerga


My name is Anish, the editor/designer of the SRF website and partly of the social media of the foundation (Facebook). Writing texts in Dutch and English and working on design is one of my main activities. I also work on the administration and advertising. Furthermore, i am involved in the thinking-process of making decisions about where the foundation is going and what we do. All of my tasks are appointed to me by Sunil Marapin, the founder and leader of the foundation. He does not only let me work “for” him but also “with” him, which motivates and inspires me more.

With joy, i have been working with Sunil Marapin for years. I’m getting great opportunities that fit a lot of my skills.

I know Sunil Marapin through Sairam Administration Office, from which most of the work of Team Netherlands is being done. I work only work at Sairam Administration Office for 2 days in the week. I also go to school. Furthermore, i work for the foundation.

My contribution to the foundation consists of…

– Webdesign/Web-management of this website (sairamfoundation.com). I work on texts, images and design/settings of the website

– Support to building and maintaining social media (Facebook-page and other related pages) and other online registrations

– Administration

– Thinking along in the process of decision-making and policy of the the foundation.

– Creating, checking and updating documents for presentation and advertising (flyers, folders, letters and more)

– Other work in general

My motivation for Sairam Foundation

During my first days of work for the foundation, i did not think it would all become so big as it is now. I thought it was interesting, so i liked working on these things. I kind of rolled in it through Sairam Administration Office. After half a year / a year, i noticed that it was growing a lot and that more was asked from me. But at the same time, i felt more for it than i did before.

We make a difference to people, especially in a beautiful place (Nepal). I have a good feeling about that. A motivation for Sunil Marapin is that a lot of big organizations help big countries like India, while smaller countries are forgotten more easily. Therefore, it’s easier for us to make a big difference in Nepal. We see the effect that we have on people there.

I see a lot of organizations that help and i think that many of them are on the right track. I also have my own ambitions in life and i have to wonder how much i want all of this to be a part of it. The answer is: I am glad to contribute in some way through at least 1 of these organizations. That is my part, my contribution. I admit that it will not be a big part of my life, but in the way i am doing it now, i am willing to do that for a long time. I will always want to do at least “something” for society. I will always care for Sairam Foundation and during my work, i feel connected to the people (and especially to the children) that we help and to others that our work is focused on.


I was born in 1989, in Paramaribo, Surinam (South America/Caribbean) and i am a Hindu. I have been living in The Netherlands since 2000.

I am an ambitious student in the field of economics. I want to focus on government-finances and political puzzels (society-based). I’m very interested in that.

I like to watch movies, listen to music and I am a little bit addicted to games. I’m also creative and my thoughts wander off easily.

My skills are mainly from my study in Business-Administration/Finances and around that. I like to write as well. I like spelling/grammar. I want to improve my math and i am interested in science and astronomy. I’m also good with computers. The last of the fields that I am most interested in, is psychology.

Linkedin: nl.linkedin.com/in/doerga

Facebook: www.facebook.com/a.doerga

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