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We appreciate any amount.

Donating with Paypal is possible. Click on the donation button on the top right of the home screen or transfer your donation manually:

IBAN: NL83 KNAB 0725 7786 01

Address of Holder: Zuidlarenstraat 57
City of Holder: Den Haag (The Hague)
Country of Holder: Nederland (The Netherlands)
Name of Holder: Sairam Foundation

Name of Bank: Knab
City of Bank: Hoofddorp
Country of Bank: Nederland (The Netherlands)

Please write in the description of the transfer for which project your donation/sponsoring is. (see below)

You can now also donate with OneCoin! If you wish to donate with OneCoin, please contact us.


Our projects, mainly focused on Nepal & India

You can donate once or periodically (like monthly) which will make you a sponsor and your name will be seen on the project-page and on the sponsor-list on our website. For more information, click here.

You are free to donate in any way you like. If you do not want to donate for a project specifically, also mention this in the description of the transfer. We will spend these donations and donations without a description in such a way that it helps one or multiple projects that need the most help at that time / that can be helped most effectively.

100% of all donations is contributed to the projects and any amount is welcome! Other costs are financed by Sairam Administration Office, our main sponsor and by other companies/partners. Our projects depend on donations and sponsorships to be financed.

We aim to not let the projects depend on our support anymore but to be able to be run independently. To achieve this, we need sponsoring/donations first in order to let them stay active and grow.

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