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Interview with Jenisha (educare class)

Interview with Jenisha (educare class)

01 What is your name and how old are you?
Jenisha: My name is Jenisha Shrestha and I am 12 years old.

02 What have you learned already in the Educare class?
Jenisha: I have learned 5 human values which has let me realize the need of team work, helpfulness in our day to day life

03 What do you think of the five values taught in class? (Truth, good behavior, peace, love and non-violence)
Jenisha: The five values taught in our Educare class is very important in student life as it help us to be good, kind, helpful and truthful and it must be taught to everyone.

04 Which value is the most important to you and why?
Jenisha: I think all values are very important because they help us to be a good person. But the most important that I think is truth because a truthful person is loved by everyone.

05 Do you think that the Educare program changed your life, and how did it changed? Could you give me an example?
Jenisha: Yes, I think that the Educare program has changed me. When sometimes I try to talk lie, I remember about Educare .I control myself when I am angry. I also want to be much better.

06 Is there something you would like to tell us? (Good experience. something that needs to change – feel free to tell us what you want).
Jenisha: Educare is needed to all students. I have enjoyed this class very much. I have made many friends here. The best part in Educare for me is the group activity. Everything is good in Educare class. I think nothing needs to be changed.

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