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(Nederlands) Aardverschuivingen in Nepal

Doden door aardverschuivingen in Nepal KATHMANDU - Verschillende bergdorpen in het westen van Nepal zijn donderdag 30 juli 2015 door aardverschuivingen bedolven onder modder. De lokale autoriteiten schatten dat minstens 28 mensen door het natuurgeweld zijn omgekomen. Zeker dertien anderen raakten gewond. Het dodental kan nog flink oplopen omdat er veel vermisten zijn. Dat meldt…

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23 July 2015, life in Nepal

Thirty-one-year-old Kuma- rimaya Chepang of Tapang in Lothar-4 of Chitwan gave birth to her seventh child one and a half months ago. It was the first time she delivered her daughter in a hospital. Kumarimaya went into labour on May 25 but as she could not deliver the baby she had to be rushed to…

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Interview 03, with Sita from SRF team Holland

Interview with Sita from SRF team Holland Vraag 1 : kunt u iets over u zelf vertellen Sita: Hoi ik ben Sita en 28 jaar oud. Ik studeer Human Resource Management op het Hogeschool Rotterdam. Momenteel zit ik in mijn laatste studiejaar. Ik ben half NL en half hindoestaans. Mijn hobby's zijn zwemmen en ik…

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Quote of the Week

Good company is important, it helps to cultivate good qualities.

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Did You Know?

SRF will not participate in this year's at Milan festival in zuiderpark.

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Interview with Jenisha (educare class)

01 What is your name and how old are you? Jenisha: My name is Jenisha Shrestha and I am 12 years old. 02 What have you learned already in the Educare class? Jenisha: I have learned 5 human values which has let me realize the need of team work, helpfulness in our day to day…

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Saying of victims, Educare students or sponsor children

" Four of our villagers lost their life on the quake. We have lost our homes. We are facing a terrible situation. We have to endure the bitter taste of economic loss that we are facing. Nobody had reached us with relief material till today. I would like to thank entire sairam foundation team for…

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Quote of the Week ..

“ Education has two aspects; the first is related to external and worldly education, which is nothing but acquiring bookish knowledge. In the modern world, we find many well versed and highly qualified in this aspect. The second aspect known as Educare is related to human values. The word Educare means to bring out that…

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From conversations

01 May 12th: “Today we again faced another earthquake of 7.2 recter scale. About seven aftershocks has been felt today. Mobile Network is down. Everybody has started again living outside. We are also living out on tent. I am not being able to contact our volunteers. Managing material for tomorrow’s distribution has become difficult. So…

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Interview with Sunil Marapin (founder of SRF)

Vraag 01: Kunt u iets over u zelf vertellen? Sunil: Ik heet Sunil Marapin, heb SRF een aantal jaren geleden, om precies te zijn op 23 november 2006 opgericht. Werk in een administratie kantoor en veel besteed veel tijd aan SRF. Vraag 02: Er zijn al zoveel goede doelen organisaties, waarom moest een nieuwe erbij? Sunil:…

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