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Digital money is the future!

One of the fastest growing crypto currency is OneCoin. The common goal of OneCoin/OneLife and Sairam Foundation is to make education accessible to anyone, especially to children. OneCoin/OneLife can, thanks to its size, focus on the education of children all around the world. Sairam Foundation especially focuses on educating and nurturing of children from poor families in Nepal and India.

Some people are donating a part of their bonusses to Sairam Foundation and that is used for supporting the children-projects of Sairam Foundation in Nepal and India.

Because there were not enough donations to keep all projects going, we first considered to end some of the projects. But thanks to the bonusses through the OneLife project, we can maintain the SRF projects and maybe even expand them.

OneCoin is expected to enter the financial exchange stockmarkets in 2018. The value is rising and if you join OneCoin now, the expected benefits are much larger than when you anticipate when OneCoin is on the exchange markets. This is because the OneCoin keeps getting more value as long as the currency of the OneCoin keeps rising.

We also accept OneCoin as a way to transfer donations. For more information, contact us.

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