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On April 27th 2013, the first Educare-class started with more than 40 children. Schools in Nepal and India have noticed a positive change in the children who attend our classes of Educare/EHV (Education in Human Values). The schools are interested in adopting our teachings. This will be our focus for this project. Our material and knowledge about Human Values, inspired by Sai Baba, will be taught to a lot more children through the schools. We need sponsors to provide these classes at the schools. A part of what this project needs, is funded by income through OneCoin/OneLife.

SRF keeps in touch with the team of teachers to prepare them for the classes, to evaluate and to adept the program to maintain high standards of education.

What happens during an Educare class?
During the classes, the main focus is on the 5 following values:
– Truth
– Good Behavior
– Peace
– Love
– Non-violence

Next to these values, there is also a focus on other values such as purity, courage and honesty.

The children have a chance to develop these values for themselves and develop a good character. This takes place trough the following teaching techniques:

– Talking about a prayer, a saying or a quote
– Singing songs together
– Using moments of silence, meditation, proper breathing and maintaining the right posture
– Telling and talking about stories from holy books or fairy-tales from the saints and the wise
– Group activities such as circle-conversations (questions and answers), role-playing, dancing, acting, painting and singing
– Every day that this class takes place, one of the Human Values is being used as a red line throughout the lessons

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