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Gift a child Education

For children in need, Sairam Foundation helps with the education and development of children from poor families in Nepal (and India). This is for families that do not have enough income to finance the education of their children.

The focus of the project mainly lies on children of elementary/nursery schools, the basic education for very young children. The focus is also drifting towards high school bit by bit, because we do not want to abandon the sponsored children after elementary school. We look at the next step. We also support the high-school students to reach their unique ability, their talent, like singing or music.

We aim to connect as many children of these as possible to a sponsor. Thanks to the sponsors, the children go to school and have additional classes in Human Values (development of the character/personality).

Alone or together with others, you can monthly sponsor one or more children as long as you want. Since August 25th, 2012, we found many sponsors for school-fees of children. The list of sponsors can be seen below.

Contact us to become a sponsor of a child. To manage the sponsoring for the children, we have thoughtfully chosen and appointed local ambitious Nepalese and Indian students and other volunteers as coordinators and supervisors. Their tasks are mainly; keeping in touch with the sponsored children and their families, supporting the families involved, following the development of the children and reporting to SRF regularly.

59 of 64 children are already sponsored. For the other children, we are still looking for sponsors.

Sara and Prabesh

Nefissa Dawlat

…is sponsoring Raj T. from Bhaktapur

No sponsor

Prabin T. from Bhaktapur has no sponsor

Bing Voorham

…is sponsoring Nirjala S. from Lalitpur

No sponsor

Sanjita B. from Halide (Kavre) has no sponsor

Peter Goetz

…is sponsoring Srijana T. from Bhaktapur

No sponsor

Bishal S. from Bhaktapur has no sponsor

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Safal K. from Lalitpur

No sponsor

Suman T. from Bhaktapur has no sponsor

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Ashis K.C. from Kathmandu

No sponsor

Anhugrah S. from Halide (Kavre) has no sponsor

Sharita Maltie Marapin

…is sponsoring Radhika B. from Kathmandu

An anonymous sponsor

…is sponsoring Suyog T. from Kathmandu


…is sponsoring Sulochana P. from Sikkim (India)

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Liks M. from Kathmandu

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Priyajan S. from Bhaktapur

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Barsa P. from Bhaktapur

T.K. Sewnath

…is sponsoring Sumina G. from Lalitpur

Mrs. Ramlal

…is sponsoring Sabina S. from Halide

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Ashok B. from Lalitpur

R. Malahe

…is sponsoring Teena T. (Reena) from Bhaktapur

Naushad Hassankhan

…is sponsoring Aakriti T. from Halide (Kavre)

D.S. Wolinski

…is sponsoring Meghana S. from Bhaktapur

Sharita Maltie Marapin

…is sponsoring Bijeta G. from Bhaktapur

Lachman Vastgoed and J & Cutz

…are sponsoring Sona B. from Bhaktapur


…is sponsoring Mendu T. from Bhaktapur

The Lakhai family

…is sponsoring Lins M. from Kathmandu

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Aman K. from Kathmandu

R. Hamidullahkhan

…is sponsoring Rashmi K.C. from Kathmandu

Radjen and Rosa

…are sponsoring Samjhana R. from Kathmandu

The Jhanjhan family (Zoetermeer)

…is sponsoring Sashil B. from Bhaktapur

Ms. Kartaram

…is sponsoring Sonam P. from Bhaktapur

Sewnath family

The Sewnath family (Anushka Sewnath, Amischa Jiawan, Ashish Jiawan and bird Sona Jiawan) is sponsoring Shiwani T. from Kathmandu

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Prasant A. from Kathmandu

Mrs. S. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Sushmita L. from Nagarkot

The Kailas family

…is sponsoring Sonal P. from Bhaktapur

John’s Angels Network (John Hanoeman)

…is sponsoring Abhishek B. from Lalitpur

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Sushmita M. from Lalitpur

An anonymous sponsor

…is sponsoring Sameer K. from Bhaktapur

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Bijay L. from Kathmandu

Mr. Narain and Mrs. Laxmie

…is sponsoring Raj L. from Bhaktapur

The Ramkisoensing family

…is sponsoring Pratiksha P. from Sikkim (India)

One World Foundation

…is sponsoring Anisha M. from Kathmandu

Monique Bandhoe

…is sponsoring Manisha T. from Lalitpur

Sharita Maltie Marapin

…is sponsoring Mina B.K. from Lalitpur

R. Malahe

…is sponsoring Sahanshila L. from Kathmandu

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Jyoti R. from Kathmandu

Mr. Mawira

…is sponsoring Kanchan D. from Bhaktapur

The Chhatta family

…is sponsoring Anusha T. from Lalitpur

OneLife SunilSairam

…is sponsoring Pritam C. from Sikkim (India)

Mr. Mennen

…is sponsoring Anish K. from Bhaktapur

OneLife SunilSairam

…is sponsoring Niraj K. from Bhaktapur

The Jhanjhan family (Enschede)

…is sponsoring Anjila G. from Lalitpur

Yogapraktijk Swarda

…is sponsoring Anjali P. from Bhaktapur

Bandhoe Advocatuur

…is sponsoring Arpana R. from Bhaktapur

Buro Bakker Salaris Administraties

…is sponsoring Ranish K. from Bhaktapur

Familie Maikoe/Tjon A Ten

…is sponsoring Saphal S. from Kathmandu

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Menuka B. from Kathmandu

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Neelima T. from Nagarkot

Dansschool Sundaram Bollywood Shristi

…is sponsoring Sangeeta R. from Kathmandu

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Nirajan S. from Lalitpur

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Prabesh T. from Lalitpur

Rithes B.

…is sponsoring Sarika D. from Bhaktapur

Mrs. S. Maikoe

…is sponsoring Sonita G. from Nagarkot

Shivanika Marapin

…is sponsoring Suman M. from Bhaktapur

Mrs. Bandhoe

…is sponsoring Roshan G. from Nagarkot

Mrs. Satnarain

…is sponsoring Sabin M. from Bhaktapur

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