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Bishal S. (has no sponsor)

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Name: Bishal S.

Year of birth: 2003

Region: Bhaktapur

Background: Bishal was brought up by his parents in a very peaceful environment in the village Jeetpur. He was morally guided by his father and mother. As every story has a twist, Bishal’s life-story took a very sorrowful one. It started with the sickness of his father. His life was surrounded by problems, like a financial crisis due to high medical costs to recover from the ailments in his father’s body. Though his father was taken to the hospital, he did not survive. Bishal has not been living well ever since, due to the loss of his father’s life. His father died at the age of 40. It seems like somebody casted an evil eye on his small family.

School: Bishal is a bright student at school and was ranked 6th in his class.

Reference: BM 1083

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