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Niraj K. (sponsored by OneLife SunilSairam)

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Name: Niraj K.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Bhaktapur

Background: Niraj is an adopted son of a 56 year-old single woman who is an abandoned victim of violence. She lived separately since her husband got a second marriage. With great courage and strength to live her life independently, she started a vegetable vendor on the street. One day, she came to know about a baby who was going to be aborted by its parents. Though she was abandoned and had no support, she adopted the baby because she knew the painful reality behind the story of the couple who were going to abort the child. So she rushed for the baby to give him life and adopted him. This baby was Niraj.

She works day and night for the child. By the grace of god, Niraj is regularly attending the EHV Class of Community Children Learning Centre in Siddhi Memorial Foundation, Bhaktapur.


Reference: BM 1084


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