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Sashil B. (sponsored by the Jhanjhan family from ZTRMR)

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Name: Sashil B.

Year of birth: 2008

Region: Bhaktapur

Background: Sashil is a genius student at the Bidhya Arzan English Secondary School. His family works in agriculture. They have a low income. They are barely able to fulfill their basic needs like food, shelter and clothes.

Sashil’s father has no permanent job and is currently working as an unskilled weaving worker at a local textile factory. Sashil’s mother works at a charity elderly home as a helper. Combining both salaries of Sashil’s parents, their average monthly income is about € 75. With this, they are only capable of fulfilling daily household needs. To keep Sashil at school, his school-fees needs to be paid too.

His parents are struggling to look after their children and to provide them with good schooling. Education is a crucial part in today’s world.

Reference: BM 1088

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