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Suman M. (sponsored by S. Marapin)

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Name: Suman M.

Year of birth: 2008

Background: Suman’s family is from the Sindhuli district. His father worked as a bus-conductor but had to quit because of health-problems. Suman’s mother abandoned the family and the father started selling vegetables. Suman has a brother. It is difficult for the father to pay school-costs for his sons. He hardly makes € 50 a month which is insufficient for paying all of the basic costs.

School: Suman goes to the Shanti Niketan Ma Vi School in Bhaktapur.

Exam result school-year 2013-2014: Suman has an average score of 96,07% for his exam in UKG. He has been promoted to class 1.

Reference: BM 1006

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