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Arpana R. (sponsored by Bandhoe Adv.)

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Name: Arpana R.

Year of birth: 2005

Family: Arpana’s father has no job. He works sometimes but does not spend anything for his family and his home. He drinks a lot and spends all of the money. He does not support the family and he does not feel responsible. He does not care for his family. Arpana is the only child. Her mother works and earns around 2.500 rupees which is about € 35 depending of the type of job she does. With this, she has to cover all expenses, pay for Arpana’s study and take care of her mother in law. Her income is not enough to fulfill the responsibilities.


Reference: BV 1018

Update August 2015, by Hari, our coordinator in Nepal: “Couple weeks before we met Arpana and her mother  and  paid school fee of Arpana for the academic Year 2015/2016 and purchased course books . Arpana passed grade three exam with scoring 69% and  now studying at same school at grade four . Arpana’s small house also destroyed by big  earthquake . Presently they are living at temporary shelter . Her father also together with them.”

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Arpana has an average score of 74,52% for her tests in class 2. She has been promoted to class 3.

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