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Barsa P. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Barsa P.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Bhaktapur

Background: Barsa’s father works as a construction-worker, but not regularly. Barsa’s mother is learning the tailoring business at the Kopila orphan-home. Barsa’s father has less habit of saving money from work so her mother is facing financial problems and it is hard to pay for school-fees, books, stationery equipment and clothes for the children. They came to know about Sairam Foundation through Kopila and asked for help.

Barsa is in class 7 at the Bagiswori Higher Secondary School in Bhaktapur.


Reference: BV 1089

Update June 2015: Barsa has passed the seventh grade exam with a score of 79% in mid April 2015. Now she studies in the eighth grade at the Bageshowri Secondary School in Bhaktapur. During the big earthquakes, her house was destroyed and now they are living at their grandparents. Barsa’s school-fees have been paid.

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