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Meghana S. (sponsored by D.S. Wolinski)

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Name: Meghana S.

Year of birth: 2000

Region: Bhaktapur

Background: Meghana is a genius and generous student who belongs to the Newar ethnicity of Bhaktapur. She has regularly and actively been participating the EHV classes since the beginning at the Siddhi Memorial Foundation, Bhaktapur.

Her parents are living in a difficult financial condition because they have to manage everything with their low income. They bare the responsibility of big amounts of medical expenses for the grandmother of Meghana.

Meghana’s father is also partially working for the EHV program and for the education support program conducted by SMF in Bhaktapur and supported by Sairam Foundation.


Reference: BV 1090

Update August 2015: Meghana passed her district-level final exam of grade eight with a score of 77%. Meghana’s sister also passed her final exam as the best in her class. Meghana’s house was fully destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes. Her family situation is even harder than last year.

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