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Mendu T. (sponsored by Network-meetings)

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Name: Mendu T.

Year of birth: 2004

Region: Bhaktapur

Background: Mendu’s mother left her father when Mendu’s younger sister was only four months old. Mendu has a brother and a sister. Her father works as a carpet-weaver in Bhaktapur and earns only € 55 a month on average. This is not enough for the school-costs of the children, rent and food.

School: Mendu goes to the Adarsha Ajadh Secondary School.


Reference: BV 1016

Updates by Hari, our coördinator in Nepal:

2016: We visited to Mendo, reference BV 1016 at school. She is studying in grade 6 in Proxima international Academy,Bhaktapur. She is 13 years old. She has completed her second terminal examination and waiting for the result. Her educational performance is of moderate range as she has to work household work because her mother does not live with them. She is attending EHV classes Regularly.

Her family condition is almost same as before.

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