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Sarika D. (sponsored by Rithes B.)

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Name: Sarika D.

Year of birth: 2006

Family: Sarika lives with her mother, her older sister and her younger brother. She has a father who has never done anything for the family, not even for the children. He does not live with them. Sarika’s mother takes care of everything. She works as a housekeeper and earns € 33 a month. With this, they have to pay for all basic costs like school-fees for the children, food, drinks and other basic necessities. It is very difficult for her on her own to take care of everything.

Study: Sarika goes to the Government School. It is difficult to purchase textbooks and school clothes because of the families financial problems. They wear clothes that they have received from others.


Reference: BV 1021

Update August 2015, from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal:
Today we met mother of Sarika and Kanchan at Lalitpur and we have given fund to her mother to pay the school cost , uniform,stationery , books and extra class tuition fee. Sarika passed grade four final exam on April 2015 with scoring 76%. and now she is at grade five at same government school . Mother of Sarika and Kanchan is expressing her sincere thanks to SRF team Holland and sponsor for enabling them to school .”

Update May 2014: Sarika is continuing at school in the 3rd grade. Her families financial condition is the same as before.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Sarika has an average score of 80% for her tests in class 2. She has been promoted to class 3.

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