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Sonam P. (sponsored by ms. Kartaram)

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Name: Sonam P.

Year of birth: 2007

Background: Sonam’s father passed away not so long ago. Sonam has one younger sister. Their mother doesn’t have job and they have a small house to live in. She needs to find a job to pay for the daily expenses. She is looking for work but it is difficult to find.

Without help from a sponsorship, she won’t be able to keep her daughters at school because she cannot pay the school-fees.


Reference: BV 1078

Update June 2015: Sonam and her mother and sister also suffered from earthquakes in Nepal. They had a small local house at Bhaktapur which was fully destroyed and now they are living at a temporary community-shelter.

The normal school-schedule has started and Sonam and her younger sister Sonal have started going to school too. Sonam passed her grade two final exam with a 86% score in Mid April 2015 and now she is in grade three at the Lisha English Secondary School, Bhaktapur.

The school-fees of Sonam are paid thanks to the sponsorship and we are looking forward to have a sponsor for Sonal as well.

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