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Ashmita’s schoolfees were sponsored by mrs. Balai-Bandhoe. We will always be grateful. Ashmita’s mother married another man and he will be able to pay for Ashmita’s schoolfees.

Name: Ashmita K.C.

Year of birth: 2007

Region: Lalitpur

Background: Ashmita has her grandmother as her parents/guardians. Her mother has past away when she was very young. Her father left her at her grandmother. He never came back. Ashmita’s grandmother is taking care of her all by herself. Ashmita has never seen her father. Her grandmother is old and is not capable of working. She cleans at neighbors and she takes care of Ashmita. They are living in a rented room.

School: Ashmita goes to the Global Academy School. She works hard. She goes to school but she has no school-uniform. Ashmita can only stay on school is her fee is paid.


Reference: LV 1040

Update 2015 from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal: “This morning we have visited Lalitpur Global Academy secondary school to meet our three sponsor children  and school fee payment of academic year 2015/2016. Ashmita K.C. is one of our sponsored children in need . She is living with maternal grand mother . This morning we met only Ashmita  and talk about her schooling and her updates. Ashmita passed her grade two exam with scoring 61%. Now she is in grade three at same school . School also very cooperative and taking good care of sponsored children and also provided discount in academic cost . Ashmita told us that she had difficulties during the power cut for home work so we have given waka waka light for her .”

Update May 2014: Ashmita continued at the Lalitpur Global Academy in the second grade. She is still with her grandmother.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Ashmita has an average score of 58,57% for her exam in class 1. She has been promoted to class 2.

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