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The school-fees of Hari were partly sponsored by John’s Angels Network (John Hanoeman). The following information might be out-of-date.

Name: Hari B.

Year of birth: 2004

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Hari’s father passed away in 2008. Hari’s brothers and sisters all go to school. Their mother is working in construction. She earns hardly € 60 a month and she has lots of expenses like rent, costs for food and school-fees for the children. Without her husband, she faces many problems. It will be a great help for her if at least Hari’s school-fees will be sponsored.


Reference: KM 1042

Update August 2015 from our coordinator in Nepal: “The family situation and financial situation of Hari is same as before but after the earthquake quite hard for her mother to find the regular work in construction areas. Hari is a average student at  school . He passed grade five exam with scoring 56.38% . Now he is in grade six at same school , Golden Rays Academy , Kritipur. This week we have visited Hari and his school for fee payment .”

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Hari has an average score of 60,5% for his tests in class 4. He has been promoted to class 5.

New message from Nepal 2014:

(much like the original background information above, but more detailed)

“Originally Hari’s family was from Sindhuli. But now they do not have any belongings. They are living in Kritipur from 10 years. Hari’s father died 6 years before due to sickness. Hari has now his mother, two elder sisters(both studying in government school in class nine), one elder brother (also studying in government school in class nine) and a younger brother (7 years old studying in class three). All are school students. The responsibility of all these five children are upon his mother. She is only one person working as laborer (sometimes works in rich peoples house and sometimes carries sand and bricks in building places) and earns monthly NRs 5000 to 6000 only. She is alone taking care of her all children paying rental fee NRs 2000 per month. She cannot afford to provide good food and clothing to children. Though she has committed to provide education to all children.”

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