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Nirajan’s school-fees were partly sponsored thanks to collecting by Sairam Foundation. He is now graduated in Agriculture Science and he started working. A thank you note from Nirajan:


Thank you very much for your kind help and support for my three years Diploma in Agriculture study (Isc.Ag). Because of your full support and motivation I am able to complete three years course with achieving good marks having distinction in final year. Now I have already joined in work to teach the agriculture students for 18 months course close to my village in Humla district. Humla is the one of the district which lies in remote place of mid western part. So I am very happy getting your sponsorship. I am very happy with my work and enjoying my profession as well.

These all credit goes to you, Hari sir and to the Sairam Foundation. I and my entire family members are very much thankful to you and to the Sairam Foundation letting me to grave this opportunity and encouraging to make my bright future ahead. I will try my best in coming days and will never forget you all. Thanking you.

Regards Nirajan

From Darma, Humla”

Name: Nirajan K.S.

Year of birth: 1997

Region: Lalitpur

Background: Due to extreme poverty, his parents are unable to send him to school. He went to school by himself and completed his education with a scholarship from the school. He has six brothers and only two of them can read and write.

After his education, he had no idea how he would pay for his secondary education. He likes to work and wants to go to the secondary school. He convinced his parents that he should go to school and he started going to the technical school in Jumla.

His parents are very poor and their work requires a lot of physical labor in the village.  They are unable to pay for the education of Nirajan and they decided to stop sending him to school at first. However, Nirajan did not give up. Also, he does not give up on helping his parents either.

Nirajan does his homework at night because he helps his parents during the day. He struggles to pay his school-fees. He is one of the talents of the school and it would be a waste if he would not continue. If he gets the chance to go to school, he wants to help poor children in his village somewhere in the future as well.


Reference: LM 1068

Update August 2015 from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal:
“Presently we have been partial sponsoring higher education of two boys ( Nirajan and Sushant). This year, Nirajan passed second year of Diploma in Agriculture from Karnali Technical Institute . Now he is at third year of his course . He will finished third year in October 2015. After completion of his course he has plan to work at village and help to villagers to improved the agriculture .”

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