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Nisha was sponsored by mrs. Ramlal. We thank mrs Ramlal from the bottom of our hearts. Nisha has gone to public school with her sister. The parents will be able to manage the costs.

Name: Nisha K.

Year of birth: 2004

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Nisha and her family come from Dhading and now live in Kritipur, Kathmandu. Nisha’s father works as a draftsman and earns € 37 a month on average. Nisha has an older sister who is studying at the Government School and Nisha is studying at the English Medium School. The family is unable to pay school-fees. The family’s financial situation is very bad. The rent of the house is € 22 a month, but with only € 36 a month, they can hardly live.


Reference: KV 1055

Update June 2015: The family-situation of Nisha is the same as before. Nisha passed her fourth grade exam with a 95.2% score and secured her third rank/position at grade four. Now she is in the fifth grade at the same school (Golden Rays Academy).

Nisha’s village home was fully destroyed due to the earthquakes in Nepal.

She has been visited by our Nepal coordinator and we also visited her school for the fee-payment.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Nisha has scored an average of 89,35% for her tests in class 3. She has been promoted to class 4.

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