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August 2015: Sponsoring no longer needed. Purnima was sponsored by L. van Hilten. We sincerely thank this sponsor who made it possible for Purnima to stay at school until the family was able to pay the school-fees theirselves.

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Name: Purnima L.

Year of birth: 2008

Region: Lalitpur

Background: Purnima lives with her mother, her grandmother and her two nieces in a rented room in Balkumari. Her father abandoned them and had a second marriage. He does not contact them and he has done nothing for them. They have no contact with him or with his new family. Purnima’s mother works in an office and only makes € 40 a month. With this, she needs to take care of everyone all by herself. She has to pay for food, rent, health costs for her mother and school-fees for Purnima.

School: Purnima can stay at school if her school-fees are paid. She is a bright and intelligent girl.

Reference: LV 1034

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