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August 2015: Ranjit does not need sponsoring anymore

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Name: Ranjit S.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Kathmandu

Background: There are five members in his family. He is the youngest son. He has two older brothers: Rajiv and Rajkumar. Financially, this is a family in the middle-class. The father is a contractor and the mother is a housewife. The average monthly income of the father is hardly sufficient to pay all expenses of the family in the expensive city of Kathmandu. The rent, grocery, school-fees for the two brothers of Ranjit and other various expenses are being paid by the father’s income only. The father has to support his grandparents financially too. The family is facing a great challenge.

School: Ranjit is currently studying  at the Deepika School situated at koteshwor, kathmandu-35, Nepal. Ranjit has been securing the first position in his grade since the Montessori-level. He has a good academic performance. He passed grade four as the best in his class. He is also active in extracurricular activities. He has secured several awards in intra-school activities. He has an interest in music and drawing as well. He can play guitar too.

Reference: KM 1061

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