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Name: Sabi S.

Year of birth: 1999

Background: Sabi belongs to a family of eight members. She is the youngest daughter. Her parents do farming for a living. There is no other source of income. Their monthly income is about € 50 which is very low. It has been very difficult for the parents to run the family as they have to manage daily needs including education of their children.

School: Sabi is a good student. She equally participates in school programs and sports. In 2015/2016, she wants to finish school and go for higher education. But her parents could not afford her education fee. They are not able to pay her previous month’s school fee too. She could not concentrate at school until her school fee is not paid. She knows her family situation well, but she also has to face several problems at school during exams because she has to clear the remaining school fees at the time of exams.

Reference: LV 1080

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