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Sahanshila was sponsored by ms R. Malahe. We will always be grateful to ms Malahe. Sahanshila and her mother have moved to their village in Dharding. Sahanshila is studying at a public school and her mother is able to pay the costs.

Name: Sahanshila L.

Year of birth: 2007

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Sahanshila is the only daughter of her mother. Her father has abandoned them and is married to another woman. He has not taken responsibility. Sahanshila’s mother works as a laborer in construction. Her income is less than € 30 per month. They live in a rented room with a rent of € 15 a month. With the money that is left, the parents must pay all expenses for basic needs such as food, clothes and scholing for Sahanshila.

School: Golden Rays Academy


Reference: KV 1056

Update August 2015 from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal: “Sahanshila’ mothers monthly income from wages was quite  increased before the disaster  April 2015 but after the disaster there is less construction work so financial situation back to same as last year . Sahanshila passed her grade one exam in  Mid April 2015 with scoring   81.89% and now she is grade two at same school. This week we have visisted sahanshila and her school for fee payment . We didnot get chance to meet mother of Sahanshila, she was in work .”

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Sahanshila has an average score of 95,46% for her tests in class UKG. She has been promoted to class 1.

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