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August 2015: Sameer T. was sponsored by S. Jhauw. We thank her for keeping Sameer at school all this time. Sameer T. and his family have gone to live in the village where life is not as expensive as in the city.

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Name: Sameer T.

Year of birth: 2007

Background: Sameer’s father sometimes works as a carpet-weaver and sometimes in his village. He is not secured of his job and he cannot take care of his family. Sameer has a brother and two sisters. His mother works as a carpet-weaver as well. She works in Bhaktapur and takes care of her four children. She barely makes € 50 a month which is not enough for food, rent and the children’s schooling.

School: Sameer goes to the Biddhyarti Niketan Ma Vi School.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Sameer has an average score of 87,87% for his exam in LKG.

Reference: BM 1014

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