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Shiwani T. (was sponsored by Sewnath family)

Shiwani’s schooling was sponsored by the Sewnath family from The Netherlands. Shiwani and her mother moved to the village and Shiwani will enter a public school. They can afford the school-fees of the public school.

Name: Shiwani T.

Year of birth: 2007

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Shiwani’s mother is working for a low income. This is not sufficient for them. Shiwani’s father is not helping them to pay any costs of the household.

School: Shiwani wants to continue school and is in need of support.


Reference: KV 1066


Shiwani’s drawing:


Update nov 2016 by Hari our coordinator in Nepal:
She is studying in grade 4. According to school teacher, she is regularly attending the school and also she has passed the recently held examination.

Her mother still has problem with her leg. Her mother cannot walk and work properly due to the health problem. Besides, her health is also deteriorating now.

Update June 2014: The school-fees has been paid in June. She is studying at Gyan Bhumi Secondary School in the 2nd grade. She made a drawing for her sponsor as well.

According to Shiwani’s mother ‘When Shiwani was one years old, her father left them’. Shiwani’s mother is physically disabled. Her legs are weak since birth. She cannot walk for more than 15 minutes. She can only work sitting down.

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