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Tulasha BhandariName: Tulasha B.

Year of birth: 2001

Region: Kathmandu

Family: Tulasha is a firstborn child. Her parents are both illiterate. Her father cannot hear as well. He works as a guard and the mother does housekeeping in houses in the neighborhood. They live in a rented room. Financially, it’s very hard to pay for the study of the children. Their income is very poor and that is why they are in a bad living condition.

Tulasha is a disciplined and hardworking child. She does well on school but does not study that well because she also has to look after her little brothers. She is good at ping-pong. With her little brothers, she goes to Satya Sai Kendra, Tahachal men met haar broertjes gaat ze elke zaterdag naar Satya Sai Kendra, Tahachal every saturday. She likes singing Bhajans.

School: Tulasha is currently in the sixth grade at the Shree Geetamata Higher School in Dallu, Bijeshwori. She can keep going to school because her school fees are sponsored by Mohini.

Exam result 2013-2014: Tulasha has scored an average of 77,13% for her tests in class 6. She has been promoted to class 7.

Was sponsored by Mohini

Reference: KV 1059

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