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Sabina S. (sponsored by ms Ramlal)

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Name: Sabina S.

Date of birth: 2003

Region: Halide (Kavre)

Background: Sabina is an understanding girl. Her family lived in Kathmandu but because of the earthquakes and the big destructions it led to, they lost everything. We thank god that they survived. The family consists of two sons, two daughters and their parents. The family went back to the village. The father’s income is not enough to fulfill their needs and it is difficult for them to send the children to a good school. The mother is unemployed. Despite their situation, they are very social minded. They are taking care of an orphan boy named Bishal. Now, the family is struggling and they have no idea how to fund scholing for their children.

Sabina is a talented girl and she always concentrates on learning to give it her best. She likes to listen to moral stories and she likes to tell moral stories to others. She is good at dancing and singing. If her school-fees are not paid, she will have to leave school.

Reference: HV 1093


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