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Ashis K.C. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Ashis K.C.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: The family lives in a village near Kathmandu. They live in a small stone-hut with a tin-roof.

Background: Ashis lives with his parents and his brother Aman. His father financially depends on daily wages. Aman’s mother has problems with her ​​health since 2008 and has not been fully diagnosed. She often forgets things and it seems that she is depressed. She can not take care of her children and the household. She cannot work and she stays at home.

School: Ashis often does not go to school because his family cannot help him due to insufficient financial resources. They cannot pay for enough clean clothes, school-supplies and food. Therefore, he often spends his time playing with other children and his younger brother Aman. The family is unable to pay school-fees for their children in Nepal, which is on average about € 13 a month for each child.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Ashis has an average score of 83,14% for his tests in class 1. He has been promoted to class 2.

More information: They have a piece of land that is not in a good state for agriculture. They get help fulfilling their daily needs thanks to friendly neighbors. Sometimes they get food and stuff for the kids.

The mother needs good medical treatments. If she gets it, she can take better care of Ashis and his brother. The parents want to let them go to school regularly when the materials and financial resources are available. The father of Ashis says “We have had children, but they can not grow up in a good environment.”


Reference: KM 1045


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