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Bijay L. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Bijay L.

Year of birth: 2009

Region: Kathmandu

Background: The family is originally from Kavre, Nepal. They migrated to Kathmandu in search of a job to provide theirselves with daily needs because Bijay’s father left them. He never came back, so Bijay’s mother is taking care of them. She is working as a laborer and her income is very low. His mother alone could not take the whole responsibility for the family. Paying the rent, school-fees and managing basic daily needs are very hard for her. She works 14 hours on a daily basis and does not earn enough to fulfill the basic daily needs.

School: Bijay is very good at studying and at other activities.

Reference: KM 1064


Update July 2014: Now they have found the father, but he is in a critical situation. He is very sick and could not work. Now, more responsibility rests on the shoulders of Bijay’s mother. She works day and night to earn enough for the family.

Update August 2015: Bijay smiles a lot. He finished his final exam of UKG with a 69% score in April 2015. Now Bijay is studying at the Children Garden Academy in Lalitpur where our other three sponsored children are studying. We plan to pay the school-fees of Bijay by next week, thanks to his sponsor. The family’s financial situation is the same as before, but slowly his father’s and mother’s relationship is much better and they are living together. Bijay’s older brother is studying in the tenth grade at the same school.

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