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Prasant A. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Prasant A.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Prasant is a simple and polite boy. His father died because of a typhoon. Since then, his mother took care of him. She did general kind of work. However, some years ago, his mother is also past away. Now he lives with his grandparents.

School: Prasant goes to the Bhanu Bhakta Memorial School in Kathmandu and he cannot keep going if his school-fees are not paid. It is difficult for his grandparents to raise him. Prasant has a brother named Susant. Their grandparents are old and have limited income. Prasant is intelligent and likes going to school.

More information: Prasant likes doing karate. His favorite color is blue and his favorite bird is a dove. He wants to go to school.


Reference: KM 1050

Update June 2015: Prasant and Susant are still living at their maternal uncle’s house and are still taken care of by their maternal grandparents. Prasant passed his seventh grade final exam in mid April 2015 with a score of 58.4% and now he is in the eighth grade at the same school. A part of his school-fees have been paid thanks to the sponsoring.

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