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Saphal S. (sponsored by Maikoe/ Tjon A Ten)

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NameSaphal S.

Year of birth: 2009

Region: Kathmandu

School: Saphal goes to the Occidental Public School in Anamngar

Background: In December 2012, Saphal’s father past away at a young age. Therefore, and also because Saphal’s mother is unemployed, they have financial problems. Even if she had a job, it would only earn her about € 40 a month which is not enough to cover expenses for food, rent and school-fees for Saphal. Now they are temporarily living with family and in Baneshwor, Kathmandu. In August 2012, Saphal was admitted to the Occidental Public School, but if school-fees are not paid, he cannot keep going to school.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Saphal has an average score of B+ for his tests in UKG. He has been promoted to class 1.

Reference: KM 1047

Updates from Hari, our coördinator in Nepal:

August 2015: “We have received update of Saphal couple week before . He has passed grade one  exam with B+ scoring in April 2015 and now he is at the same school at grade two. he is so happy to go to school after long vacation of earthquake and he likes to do so many things like . last week we  paid Nrs 8500 for her mother to pay the school fee and rest of the cost will manage by her mother and grand mother .”

2014: Saphal secured the 11th position in nursery among the 65 students. Now he is junior kindergarten (JKG) at the same school Occidental public school, Kathmandu which is near Saphal’s maternal grandparent’s residents. Ramila is still living with his mother and father. Last month she got small job in aluminum window making workshop. She started to earn monthly NRs. 5.000 after deducting her Tiffin and transportation cost.

The occidental public school is quite expensive school and renown school in Kathmandu. Last year Saphal father admitted him this school so Ramila also would like to continue in same school because the school is near to residence and Ramila has to go to work at 8:30 in the morning, so Ramila, his younger sister, will prepare Saphal for schooling. So they prefer going to the same school.

Today we admitted him at JKG. The total cost for the whole academic year is NRs. 20.000 among them we get discount around NRs 2.000 from school . From Sairam Foundation we paid NRs.12.000 and the remaining NRs. 6.000 paid by Ramila and Her mother (Saphal grandmother.)

If Ramila continued her work then next year may be she can save some money and I hope she can able to manage 50% cost of Saphal schooling.”

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