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Suyog T. (sponsored anonymously)

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Name: Suyog T.

Year of birth: 2009

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Suyog’s parents moved from the remotely located village of Malta to Kathmandu for work. Suyog’s father works as a driver. Suyog’s mother is a housewife. Suyog’s father’s monthly income is around € 70 a month which is not sufficient to pay for the house, food and school-fees for Suyog. Sometimes, Suyog’s father needs to send money to village for his parents as well.


Reference: KM 1063

Update August 2015 by Hari, our coördinator in Nepal: “The family situation of Suyog is same as before .recently her mother started small grocery shop. This week we have visited Suyog and his school for fee payment . Suyog has passed UKG  final exam in mid April with 82.3% and now he is grade one at same school .”

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