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Liks M. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Liks M.

Year of birth: 2008

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Liks is the youngest daughter of her parents. She lives with her grandfather, her mother and her older sister. Her father died in a car-accident. Since then, the family went through difficult times because there is no working person in the family who could earn the necessary income. The grandfather of Liks tries to help her. The mother takes any job she can get, but that is not enough to pay all costs.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Liks has had a score of 84,95% for her exam in class 1. She has been promoted to class 2.


Reference: KV 1053

Update August 2015 from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal: “Our sponsored child Liks passed grade two exam with scoring 85.73% . Now she is in grade three at Golden Ray Academy at Kritipur . Liks house also little bit crack by earthquake but they are living at home now. Liks shared that she stayed under the table during the big earthquake April 2015. she shared  she is afraid of aftershock but she is happy that school is started. This week , we have visited her and her school for fee payment . liks also asked us waka waka light for her study when there is no light . “

Update June 2015: Liks passed the grade-two exam with a score of 85.73%. She is now in the third grade at the Golden Ray Academy in Kritipur.

Liks said that she stayed under the table during the big earthquake. She said that she is afraid of aftershocks but she is happy that school has started.

We have recently visited both sisters at their school for the school-fee payment. Liks also asked us for a WakaWaka Solar Light to study when there is no light. (In Nepal, electricity is sometimes unavailable)

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