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Radhika B. (sponsored by Sharita Maltie Marapin)

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Name: Radhika B.

Year of birth: 2008

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Radhika is living with her parents and her older sister in a rented room at Old-Baneshwor. Her father is working as a guard earning only 5.000 rupees (not even € 40). He has become very sick. With his income, he has to cover all expenses for food, clothing, children’s education, rent (2.500 rupees a month) and other basic needs. This is very hard for him to manage. He wants to provide a good education to both of his daughters but his poor financial condition does not allow him to.
Reference: KV 1048

Update August 2015: Today we met Radhika, her sister Menuka and her father nearby at their rented room in Baneshwor. Radhika passed the grade two exam with a score of 82% and now she is at grade three at the same school. Her father is still under medication and now he is able to walk and able to work, but only with what is easy. We have given a cheque to the father to pay the school-fee of Radhika .

Radhika’s father is very grateful to Sairam Foundation and the sponsor of daughter Menuka and Radhika. During the treatment period, he took lots of loans and now he has difficulties to buy medicine. It would be nice if any kind people help him to purchase medicine for just € 10 a month. You can contact us for this.

May 2014: Radhika is studying at grade 1. Her father is still not recovered from illness. They spent a lot of money for his treatment and they take loans from relatives and friends to pay for his treatment.


Exam result school year 2013-2014: Radhika has an average score of 89% for her tests in class UKG. She has been promoted to class 1.


  1. Sila Bandhoe 16 January 2017 at 15:44 Reply

    Sai ram Sunil,
    Een collega van mij Shakeela Bhola, wil het kind Radhika sponseren.
    Tenminste als ze nog geen sponser heeft.
    Laat je me weten.

    Sila Bandhoe

    1. SRF Moderator 21 January 2017 at 12:01 Reply

      Goedendag mevrouw Bandhoe.

      Dank voor uw telefoontje. Wij maken het in orde.


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