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Sangeeta R. (sponsored by Dansschool SBS)

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Name: Sangeeta R.

Year of birth: 2008

Region: Kathmandu

Background: Sangeeta lives with her mother and her older sister Samjhana. Her father past away some years ago. The family has 7 members now. Samjhana goes to the Shree Phutung Secondary School. An older sister is married. Two brothers work in another area of Nepal. Another brother works in the Gulf countries.

Their mother also works and has to work all day long to survive. She never rests, not even during sickness. She works in another house and on a farm to earn a few rupees for the lives of her daughters. If she doesn’t work, both of the girls will have an empty stomach. They live in a small rented house near the city of Kathmandu. A few years ago, the family migrated from Nuwakot, an adjoining district of Kathmandu, after the death of the father.

School: Sangeeta goes to the Shree Putung Secondary School irregularly because she has a shortage of stationeries, clothes and food due to limited financial resources in the family. The average school-fees for children are about € 13 a month in Nepal.


Reference: KV 1044

Update november 2016 from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal:
Sangeeta Rai is currently studying at grade 4. She is now 12 years old. Mrs Ganga Adhikari, school teacher, reported us that she has satisfactory academic performance. Sangeeta has passed all the recent examination and is showing sign of progress.

Sangeeta is living with her mother . Her mother is also frequently sick. This circumstance is making the economic status very troublesome. Sangeeta and her sister samjhana  both goes to same school with the help of Sairam Foundation .

See photo of f sangeeta on the left side

Update from Hari, our coordinator in Nepal:

New message from Nepal: Her older sister, Samjhana, takes care of Sangeeta and helps their mother with cooking and cleaning the house. Her mother is worried and says: “If I am sick and unable to work, my daughters will face problems. My earnings are only enough for food and rent of the house. Therefore, I could’t send them to a good school”. It is a sad situation.

Exam result 2013-2014: Sangeeta has scored an average of 84,14% for her tests in the Nursery class. She has been promoted to the LKG class.

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