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Ashok B. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Ashok B.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Lalitpur

Family: Ashok lives with his mother and his older brother Abhishek. His father left them years ago to find a job, but he did not return since then. The financial situation of the family is poor and therefore, it is difficult for the mother to take care of Ashok and his brother Abhishek. The family is originally from an underdeveloped hilly region of Nepal.

School: Ashok is doing well at the Siddharta English Secondary School. The average school-fees for children in Nepal are about € 13 a month.

Background: The mother works as a cleaning lady for rich people, but she does not earn much. When Ashok was 4 years old, he and his older brother where housed at the Garden of Friendship (organization) in Lalitpur. This organization has stopped and since then, they are with their mother again. Ashok loves running and swimming.



Reference: LM 1035



Told by Ashok’s mother:

“I am Radha, mother of Ashok and Abhishek. First of all I would like to share my story with all of you. My husband left me and living his life in his own way. He left me two sons. Now I am a single parent to them. I am from remote village of Nepal. There was difficult to live in the village and look after my children. So I came to Kathmandu along with my children. Here in city also it was very difficult for a woman to earn and run the family. Suddenly one orphanage home admitted my two sons. They took care of my children for five years. This year due to the fund crisis the orphanage home closed. When orphanage home closed it was the middle of the year and I have to continue my children schooling. At that time I was working in a house as a house maid. I have not good income and no place to take my children. So I take my two sons with me. We stayed in the house where I worked. Though it has been very hard for me to cover my children educational cost. But the good cause is that the orphanage coordinator connected me to the Hari sir. And they started to support children’s education cost. It has been almost half a year that we stayed in that house. It was difficult for us to stay more there.  So we left that house and started to live in a rented room. I do not have job now and I have to pay 2.000 rupees a month for the room. I am still searching for job.”

“Hari sir from Sairam Foundation admitted my children for the next session in grade four and five at the same school. He also purchased books and ordered for new school dress. If I had not got support this year, I would have been unable to continue my children schooling. So thank you very much for the sponsors who supported my children. I want to thanks all of you from the bottom of my heart. I have no word to tell you that your support has been a great help for us. My children are studying well. Abhishek had come second in the class and Ashok came fifth. This is only because of kind people like you. Your good thoughts and deeds had made possible to get education for the children.”

Update August 2015, by our coordinator from Nepal, Hari:
“Ashok passed grade five exam on April 2015 scoring 62%. now  he is at grade six at same school . Ashok”s mother working as house maid in couple of house but after the earthquake one of the house was destroyed and she lost her work . Presently she is working one house only and she earned euro 50 to 55 per month and which money is very less and very hard for them to maintain the monthly food and room rent (25 euro per month) . She has very difficult time . Today we have given cheque for school-fees thanks to the sponsor . If anyone kind people would like to help her for rice and 5 kg dal for her per month  ( the cost euro 20 per month ) the great help for them . She said thank you to Sairam Foundation and the sponsor with her smile , at least her both son able to go to good school with the help of SRF and the sponsor.”

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Ashok has an average score of 54,68% for his tests in class 4. He has been promoted to class 5.

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  1. Sheetal Subedi 3 April 2013 at 21:56 Reply

    Ashok became 6th of 20 students in his class. His exam will be on April 1st. The result will be known on April 13th. For the first part of the year, his schoolfee is paid. He will also have to buy new books and school clothes. He is very disciplined and he is talented in drawing.

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