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Prabesh T. (sponsored by S. Satnarain)

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Name: Prabesh T.

Year of birth: 2009

Region: Imadol, Lalitpur District

Family: Prabesh is living with his parents and his younger brother

Background: Prabesh and his family are from Butwal, a town in Southern Nepal. They came to Kathmandu in search of a job for a better future. Unfortunately, his father’s health deteriorated. He is a patient, suffering from tuberculosis and he has problems with his stomach. Due to his degrading health, he does not work. Now, the mother has to take care of everything and earn some income. She has been working in different houses. Her average daily income is € 1 and she has to pay for rent, food and other household expenses. The family is very poor.

Exam result: Prabesh has an average score of A for his exam in the Nursery class. He has been promoted to the LKG class.


Reference: LM 1030

Updates by Hari, our coördinator in Nepal:

July 2017: Continued at Mt. Gaurisankar school on LKG. His father little recover from TB Disease and started light work.

August 2015: Prabesh passed final exam of LKG with scoring 93% and now he is studying UKG at same school . This year his younger brother also started school in Nursery . Prabesh father slowly recover from Tuberculosis and he started to work some days at house construction . Mother also working same work as before . Their income is not sufficient to manage all household cost and school cost for younger son. 15 days before we had talk with Prabesh mother on phone and she is also requesting sponsorship for younger son ( Sakshyam Thapa – 3 years ). She is hoping to have sponsor for Sakshyam and express thanks to sponsor of Prabesh and Sairam Foundation.

May 2014: Prabesh continued at the Mt. Gaurisankar School. His father recovered a bit and started doing some light/simple work.

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  1. SRF Medewerker 18 April 2013 at 13:30 Reply

    Thursday 18 april 2013, time 03:39
    Message from Sheetal Subedi Project Coordinator Nepal :
    Yesterday the new school period has begun, we admitted our two children Sara and Prabesh. Sara in class one and Prabesh in the nursery. We bought a pair of new school clothes for them. Sara is in class one so she will have another house dress.

    On the same day in the evening, we also bought school books for them. Some books are yet to come. We will buy the other books later. We handed the book to them.

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