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Safal K. (sponsored by One World Foundation)

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Name: Safal K.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Lalitpur

Background: The family is from a remote village of Nepal. They entered Kathmandu to look for jobs. Currently, the family is living at Balkumari in Lalitpur. They are from a joined family and they have responsibilities towards family members at the village too, even though they are working in Kathmandu. It has been difficult for them to cover for all of this, while they are living in a rented room with children. Both parents (Safal’s parents) are working but it is not enough to pay for the basic needs such as rent, electricity and others. They also have to send food like oil, salt, sugar, pulses and others for the village because at the village, food is hardly available and very expensive.

School: Safal is a very good student and one of the top five students in his class but his family-condition is becoming a barrier because his parents cannot afford his school-fees. He goes to the Mt. Gauri Shankar School. If the fees are not paid, he will have to drop out of school. I that case, the family would probably send him back to a village where life is like darkness and where scholing has no priority.


Reference: LM 1060

Update August 2015, by Hari, our coordinator in Nepal: “Safal passed final exam of grade six with scoring 57% and now he is in grade seven at same school (Gaurisankar Higher Secondary School). His family situation is same .”

Update May 2014: Safal continued at the Mt. Gaurisankar School in grade six. The good news is that his mother is working as a housekeeper, so she is able to pay some of the school-fees this year.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Safal has an average score of 54,47% for his tests in class 5. He has been promoted to class 6.

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