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Mina B.K. (sponsored by Sharita Maltie Marapin)

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Name: Mina B.K.

Year of birth: 2002

Region: Lalitpur

Background: Mina’s family is from a very remote area of western Nepal, where there are no roads, health facilities and schools. The life of the people living there is very miserable. Moreover, Mina’s family belongs to the so called ‘Dalits group’ in Nepal. They are deprived of all human rights as they are seen as ‘untouchable’. The family came to Kathmandu in 2006. They started working here but unfortunately Mina’s mother broke her leg so she could not work while the father had heart-problems and underwent surgery in 2006. Later, he got another problem in his heart and he needs to take some rest. He continues his job as a driver. They are living in rented rooms that costs them 2.500 rupees a month. Mina is the oldest child and she has a younger brother.

School: Mina is studying at the Global Academy in class four. If Mina’s school-fees are not paid, she cannot stay at school.


Reference: LV 1041

Update August 2015, by Hari, our coordinator in Nepal: “Today we have visited school where Mina is studying for academic fee payment of academic year 2015/2016 . We met mother of Mina also. The health situation of father and mother of Mina is same  as before . When health is little better Mina father doing driving works and managing daily livelihood from that income. after the disaster they are also in need to help for food due to Mina’s father less work. Mina is average student. She passed her grade five exam with scoring 60% and now continuing at same school under Sairam Foundation sponsorship . Mina’ s brother Milan also studying at same school . school provided free education to him for this year. Mina also asked waka waka light for doing homework during the power cut and we gave  light  to her . Mina’s mother expressed sincere thanks to the sponsor and Sairam Foundation for sponsoring school fees and books for Mina. She is looking forward to have continue help and support.”

Update May 2014: Mina continued at the Lalitpur Global Academy in grade five. Her family-situation is still the same.

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