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Nirjala S. (sponsored by Bing Voorham)

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Name: Nirjala S.

Year of birth: 2006

Region: Imadol, Lalitpur

Family: Nirjala is living with her father, her mother and her older brother.

School: She is studying in class UKG (Upper Kinder Garten) at the Children Garden School. The school-fees are € 13 a month on average.

Background: The family is from Kavre (a hilly region of Nepal) and they are now living in the valley of Kathmandu. The parents sell milk. It is difficult to send their two children to school. Their daily income is only 300 rupees. They have to pay 3.000 rupees as rent for the place where they are living.


Reference: LV 1033

Update August 2015 – Message from our coordinator in Nepal:
“Last week we have visited Nirjala at her school for the fee payment of academic year 2015/2016. Nirjala passed grade one final exam on April 2015 with scoring distinction  and now she is studying grade two at same school together with her brother Nirajan. They are living at small hut so they were not affected hardly by earthquake. Her family situation is same as before . They have cow and they sell milk and managing household expenses. ”

Update June 2015 – Message from our coordinator in Nepal:
“Namaste and Greetings From Nepal. Today we have visited our two sponsored children from Lalitpur Nirajan and Nirjala. Both are brother and sister. Nirajan and Nirjala parent doing same work as livestock . They have Cow and they sell milk at market . Still they have financial hard time to grow their children to manage education cost and daily lives things . This year Nirajan passed grade two from Children Garden Academy with distinction .He will continue same school. This year Nirjala passed grade one from Children garden Academy with distinction. Both would like to share their good result of final exam would like to say Thank you for the help. 

They will go school from tomorrow after finishing school vacation .

Best Regards

Nepal Representative”

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Nirjala has an average score of 91,25% for her tests in the UKG class. She has been promoted to class 1.

Update May 2014: Nirjala continued at Children Garden Academy in class one. Her parents are doing the same work as before: selling milk and running their daily lives.

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