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Sumina G. (sponsored by T.K. Sewnath)

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Name: Sumina G.

Year of birth: 2007

Region: Lalitpur

Background: By origin, Sumina’s family is from the Chhatiban village of Makwanpur and they are living in Lalitpur now. Sumina’s father does not work and does not take responsibility for the family while her mother works in a carpet weaving factory and takes full responsibility for the whole family. Most of the time, she remains sick and  still goes to work. Her monthly income is around 4.000 to 5.000 rupees a month (around € 35) and she has to pay 1.500 rupees for renting the room where they live. It has been difficult for her to look after her daughter’s educational costs.



Reference: LV 1036


Exam result school year 2013-2014: Sumina has an average score of 74,51% for her tests in class 1. She has been promoted to class 2.

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