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Roshan G. (sponsored by ms. Sila Bandhoe)

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Name: Roshan G.

Year of birth: 2007

Region: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur District

Family: Roshan’s father has past away and his mother is a housewife. He has two sisters.

School: Roshan goes to the Sun Rise Boarding School. The average school-fees are about € 13 a month for children in Nepal.

More information: Roshan is from the remote village of Kavre. Every day he walks two hours to get to school. The distance of his house from school is very big. He leaves his home at 8:00 am to reach the school at 10:00 am. His mother is looking after four children: three daughters and one son. The oldest daughter has been sent to her mother’s uncle’s house to live and the second daughter is living with at a government-funded school.

Roshan is a little boy that scores well at school. His family-situation is very weak. His mother does not have time to look after her children because if she spends time taking children to school and bringing them back to home, she will not have enough time to work. Without work, it would be difficult to run the family. Roshan’s younger sister is fours years old but she does not go to school because there was no school near home and she cannot walk for two hours to get to school and two hours to return home. It is very difficult for Roshan’s mother to pay the school-fees for all of her children.


Reference: NM 1023

Update 2016 by coördinator Hari from Nepal:
He secured 4th position on the recent examination held and his performance is improving gradually. Despite the long distance between his home and school, he is regularly attending school.

His mother is engaged in farming and earning the livelihood from it but she has still hard to grow her children .  Elder sister of Roshan also going to school at Nagarkot at government school so Roshan and her elder sister coming and going school together .Younger sister of Roshan is also going to school. Nearby their house there is pre primary school opened by the other NGO.

The first photo of Roshan and his sisters on the left side

Update July 12th by coördinator Hari from Nepal:

They were migrated to Nala Bhaktapur and staying other people house and land . The reason of migration is Very hard to go school long hour walking for all children of family.

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