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Sonita G. (sponsored by S.B. Maikoe)

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Name: Sonita G.

Year of birth: 2006

Region: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur District

School: Sonita goes to the Sun Rise Boarding School. The average school-fees are about € 13 a month for children in Nepal.

Family: Sonita’s father and mother work on a farm. She has 4 sisters.

Background: Sonita is from a village in a remote area of Nepal: Tema, Kavre. She walks two hours to get to school every day. Her parents farm in the village. Their financial condition is very poor. They have five children (all daughters). Sonita is the youngest. For financial reasons, it is very difficult for the parents to send all of their children to school.


Reference: NV 1026

Updates from Hari, our coördinator in Nepal:

2016 November: Dear sir and Sponsor of Sonita. Namaste and Greetings from SMF. Raj and Manohar jii visited Sonita at her school before the festival . Sonita is living with her parents. She is currently studying at grade 3. She has successfully secured 2nd position on the current term examination. She is very good student at her class .

Due to the low income of the family and large family size, the family has been in economic problem since long time till the date.

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Sonita has scored 87,27% for her exam in the SKG class. She has been promoted to the UKG class.

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