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Sushmita L. (sponsored by S. Satnarain)

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Name: Sushmita L.

Year of birth: 2001

Region: Nagarkot

Background: Sushmita lives with her grandmother, her mother and her older brother. She has a father, but he does not live with them and he takes no responsibility for the family. Sushmita’s mother takes care of everything. She works in the fields and she works in the house. In the evening, she works in other houses. They have two cows from which she earns € 11 a month by selling milk. For the other work, she earns only € 25 a month, from which she sends her two children to school and takes care of her mother and the house.

School: Sushmita goes to school, but due to the poor financial situation, she would stop in order to help her mother work. Her mother wants to take her out of the school to pay less by sending her to a government-school. However, the quality of government-funded schools are poor. Sushmita wants to continue at her current school. In her spare time, she helps her mother with work.


Reference: NV 1028

Update by Hari our coordinator in Nepal  augustus 2016: 

She is currently studying at grade 9. As stated by her school teachers, her overall performance is good. Her grade teacher stated that she has shown gradual progress. She has passed all the recent school examination. See a update photo from Sushmita on the left side

She is living with her mother and grandmother. Her mother is working on other houses as maid and is sustaining the family expenses with difficulties.


Update August 2015: Sushmita passed her seventh grade final exam with a score of 70% in April 2015. Now she is in the eighth grade. Because of the earthquakes in 2015, her house is also a bit cracked but it is ok to stay in. We have given her a WakaWaka Light (solar powered).

Exam result school year 2013-2014: Sushmita has an average score of 62% for her tests in class 6. She has been promoted to class 7.

Update December 16th, 2013: The coordinator in Nepal has had contact with Sushmita. We are pleased to hear that she does well on school.

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