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Emergency Aid Nepalese Earthquakes 2015

For the victims of the big (and the smaller) earthquakes in Nepal, 2015, we started a project to help as many as we could. We used this page and the SRF Facebook to report our developments and to publish stories from Nepal. We already had charity projects and people there. Therefore, we had the chance to operate directly. By august 2015, we had collected more than € 9.000 and delivered many tents, food supplies, Solar-powered lights and other supplies (see report below). By this time (august) we decided to continue our focus more on our other projects again, to deliver more consistent and durable kind of help to the people in need.

Aardbeving Nepal pagina website

About our teams & SRF-connected-children in Nepal/India:

We have staff-members and children in Nepal/India who are connected to our projects: All staff-members, children and their families are safe.

At first, Sairam Foundation started a WakaWaka project especially for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. The focus is now on the earthquake in Nepal. However, because families in remote areas of Nepal barely have food and are unreachable for the big organizations and have not yet received help from the government, we decided to support them with emergency supplies such as food-packages, medicine and other products.

17 days after the first big earthquake, a new earthquake has hit Nepal. This one had a power of 7.3. Like the first quake, this one was also felt in China and India and it also had the heavy aftershocks. Especially tents are needed now because the people sleep outside of their fragile, damaged houses.

Te donate:

 Emergency Aid : Rice, Daal/linzen, Oil, Salt, Electrobion, Toothpaste, Soap, Medicine, Mouth-Caps, Tents, Mosquito-nets, Clothes, Blankets, Schoolbag, Writing-Books, Pens, Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolate, Nuts, Dry Fruits and more (any amount is welcome)

– WakaWaka Light Classic: The most efficient solar-power-light in the world, gives up to 80 hours of light from one charge (€ 19,50 each, transportation excluded)

Bank account:

IBAN: NL83 KNAB 0725 7786 01


Address of Holder: Van Baerlestraat 131

City of Holder: Den Haag (The Hague)

Country of Holder: Nederland (The Netherlands)

Name of Holder: Stichting Sairam

Name of Bank: Knab

City of Bank: Hoofddorp

Country of Bank: Nederland (The Netherlands)

Through the discription of your transfer, please let us know what your donation is for.

By now, we have delivered a lot of ermergency Aid and WakaWaka Lights  to the people in areas that have been hit hard by the earthquake.

By July 2015, we received more than € 10.245 for food, shelter, supplies and the continuation of scholing. Our list of donations can now be found on the donations-page. Furthermore, this list will include all general individual/incidental donations and we will help in different ways such as delivering supplies, continuing scholing, caring for character-development, helping to provide shelter and more. Click here for the donations-page and the list.


11127785_776873029099572_245820737_nWakaWaka Light

The WakaWaka-Light is the most efficient solar-powered light-device in the world. One day of charging will give up to 80 hours of safe and sustainable light.

The WakaWaka has four different levels of light. When there is only an hour left, it will automatically switch to a lower level of light to go on longer before it can be charged again in sunlight.

Because of it’s efficiency, this light even works on days that the sun is shining less or when it’s raining. It is made of recycled plastic and gives much more light than a kerosine-light. It is approved for high quality standards.

The people that use this device will not have to replace the battery in at least three years. With new batteries, they can last for years. Studies have shown that school-children can study with free solar-powered light now.

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