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Siddhi Memorial Foundation Bhaktapur

Sairam Foundation helped promoting and supporting the activities of the Siddhi Memorial Foundation ( SMF ) in Bhaktapur near Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

The main activities of SMF are :

1. The Siddhi Memorial Hospital ( SMH ), since 1997 a hospital that provides quality accessible healthcare services to the community of Bhaktapur, in particular to women and children. The hospital has an emergency room, 50 pediatric beds, a maternity unit and an outpatients department. This care is provided at a small fee to patients, however if people are unable to afford this they will be helped as well. The hospital sees around 125 patients per day.

2. The Siddhi Shaligram Briddhashram ( SSB ), a senior citizen home that provides care and services to elderly people in need since 2005. The mission of SSB is to help elderly people live peaceful, fulfilling and happy lives. SSB offers residential care to about 40 elders and day care facilities to about 100 elders per day. SSB aims to offer support and services to all elderly persons, irrespective of status, wealth, caste, religion, relationship, gender or ethnicity.

3. Community Support. Educating the community is the key to promoting good health according to SMF. Through various projects in the communities surrounding the hospital SMF educates citizens to increase the prevention of illnesses and the spread of viruses such as Hiv which causes aids. SMF also trains local people to act as first aiders and offers free medical checkups at health camps to reach those in need.

4. Research. SMF coordinates research projects to understand preventions and treatments for illnesses such as pneumonia and diarrhea.

If you like you can sponsor this project stating ” Nepal SMF “. It is also possible to donate for a specific part of this project. For more information about sponsoring see the page Sponsors on this website.

SMF has been registered as a non-governmental and non-profit organization   ( NGO ) at the Bhaktapur District Administrative Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal and is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal ( see www.swc.org.np ).

For more information about this foundation and her activities see the website  www.smf.org.np . You can find the activities mentioned above at this link www.smf.org.np/index.php?_page=static&pageId=2 .

On the subpage SMF Pictures of this project you can see pictures of some activities of SMF, like the SMH ( hospital ) and SSB ( senior citizen home and day care ). On the subpage SMF Video you can see a video of the hospital.

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