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WakaWaka Solar Light

3 wakawaka classicWill you help to enlighten the life of people in need?
Sairam Foundation is looking for people who wish to donate a WakaWaka Light to the people in need, schools, orphanages, etc in developing countries like Nepal and India. There is often a shortage in electricity in these countries, which means they have no light at night.

WakaWaka Light
These rechargeable lights collect sunlight during the day and can provide up to 16 hours of light in return at night. They can easily be hung up or attached to a bottle for example. This brings people who are in need, in touch with sustainable solar energy and they can safely be active at night without using dangerous kerosene lights. We can offer these lamps with a discount for € 24,50 each. Contact us for donations.

WakaWaka Power
The Power version has even more advanced technology. It also comes with a usb port. This can also be donated to the people from Nepal or India. It can be donated for € 55 each.


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